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Things we believe in

Transparency: we will neither bullshit, lie nor stop communicating with you. We are fans of open communication and providing and receiving feedback.

Being of value as an external consultancy, you have to provide more than annoying people on Linkedin or providing information about companies you can easily find online: we go the personal route, give something back to the community and will even be able to tell you the color of the toilet seats of the companies we collaborate with.

Hiring the best people goes along with creating and having access to relevant ecosystems. This is why, instead of hiring sales machines, we decided to partner with trusted people with relevant networks within the technology and startup scene - CTOs, founders, executives, HR generalists. Only to get to talent that you usually don’t have access to.

Recruiting is about networking, getting to know people, making connections, seeing potentials, matchmaking, creating value, learning - not about sitting on the phone in the office.

Our founders

Michael Grohmann

Michael is a studied psychologist, has spent the last 5 years in recruitment and knows the pains of startups and technology companies. Besides recruitment, Michael was part of building a stock exchange from scratch, fund-raising, scaling the team and organization and co-founded a company in the area of smart building and air ventilation manufacturing. Michael is a fan of functional programming, drinks too much coffee and wine and likes talking about digitization, food and why Berlin will never be a German Silicon Valley.

Cim Topal

Cim is a psychologist by training and an entrepreneur by heart. His entrepreneurial beginnings were in Berlin's underground techno scene. Fast forward fifteen years, he co-founded and launched several startups in the areas of gastronomy, sustainable fashion & legal tech. Cim is a tech & crypto enthusiast and an advocate of decentralization and privacy matters. In his free time he likes to take long walks while learning about cutting edge technology and arguing about the feasibility of business models.

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